Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friends and family,

A quick post tonight (no Wi-Fi tonight, using Jeanne’s data card). We are in a kibbutz guest house tonight within view of the Syrian and Lebanese border. Not to worry though, as we are in the  good company of the Israeli Military who are patrolling the electrified fence that is the border. Something new, we will be having dinner at a kibbutz dining room tonight and are looking forward to the experience.

Our travels took us to what Jeanne and I considered the crown jewel of our trip…Bet Shean! A huge Roman city that was destroyed by a huge earthquake in 744 and subsequently completely covered with sediment from a resulting landslide, it was remarkably preserved  by being covered up over the centuries. Only 10% of the ruins have been excavated, yet the largest amphitheater (that was used for games, performances and gladiatorial combat) was discovered, in addition to bath houses, Hippodrome and meeting halls used for political discussions. The amphitheater, complete with marble columns and the seating, would have held about 4000 people. I will download pictures later.

Tomorrow we will finish up our tour and head back to Tel Aviv, a day off to rest, then leave Israel at 11PM Friday (Israel time.) If all goes well, we will be home Saturday at noon.

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